March 16, 2018

Great to see all my students represented at conferences this week. Thank you for working with me to educate your students.

Class Trip – Chaperone forms are coming home tonight for our March 28 class trip. If you can volunteer your time, it’s a great visit. Background checks must be completed.

Math – Continuing with fractions. A few students have homework to find fractions on a number line due to their quiz struggles today.

Writing – Collecting information, summarizing, and completing our state packets.

Reading – Reading about the various regions in the U.S. and gathering evidence from our reading to answer questions.

Science – How our senses help us function day to day.

Continue collecting caps for our class competition! Any and all caps.

Have a nice weekend.




March 9, 2018

Reading assembly celebration today. All students who met their reading count goal received a piece of tape to tape Mrs. McClure to the wall. Hahahahaa!

We then sang our Alward pledge song in our Alward Teams and had some time together to get to know one another.

Math – Starting Unit 7 fractions on Monday. Unit 6 tests have come home.

Writing – Informational writing with state research.

Reading – Reading informational texts on regions of the U.S.

Science – How do senses and behaviors function to support survival and growth?

GREEN SCHOOL REQUEST – Please begin collecting caps (any!) and have your student bring them to school. We will be weighing them, sorting them, and hopefully turning them into a “buddy bench” for our playground some day soon.

Have a great weekend

March 2, 2018

Happy Friday! March 2 – “Read Across America!” See the calendar sent out for the various activities and for celebrating reading this March. Continue reading One School One Book. The students are doing a great job getting every trivia question in the morning correct thus far.

Reading in the classroom – All February reading logs are due for “at home” reading.  We are continuing to discuss our historical fiction books in our book clubs, and I am reading Number the Stars. We are in great suspense right now — Will the soldiers catch Annamarie trying to get the important envelope to the Jews being helped to Sweden?

Math – Quiz 3 today, and we will have our test review on Monday, go over it on Wednesday as a class and in small groups, and then the final test on Wednesday or Thursday.

Writing – We are finishing up our Literary Essay next week, and will begin researching a chosen U.S. state soon.

Science – Experiments with the path of light and reflection.

Carnival Baskets – Carnival is scheduled for Saturday, March 24 11 – 12:30.   The Classroom Basket Committee decided to choose themes this year to make sure Alward had a wide range of items and would be aware of the allergies in each classroom. Instead of each classroom doing a different theme, the PTC has 2 classrooms working on the same theme to make a bigger basket. Please donate to this carnival fun! My room’s theme is “Summer Fun”. Anything summer-like is fine — big or small.  Items are due March 23

REMEMBER TO SIGN UP FOR CONFERENCES!  I hope to see you all the week of March 12 and tell you how fabulous your student is doing!

More details available on the Alward blog

February 23, 2018

Important reminder!

Remember to sign up for conferences for March 12, 14 or 15.  Here is the link. Spaces will become more limited if you wait.

If you need directions for signing up, they are on the Alward blog.

Math this week – Adding and subtracting fractions. Some students are bringing home a worksheet for practice after taking their quiz.

Writing – Literary Essays

Reading – Historical fiction bookclubs

Science time this week was switched out for Math review and Study Island assignments.

Keep reading One School One Book. The students are having fun answering the trivia questions in the morning.

Have a nice weekend.

February 16, 2018

Thank you volunteers for a great Valentine Party!

Math tests have been returned for Unit 4. Many students did very well on this difficult unit. Several students need to practice their 12’s math facts, so we can have our math pizza party celebration. We are well into our unit on fractions. A letter came home on Monday explaining this unit.

In writing, we have started literary essays where we write an essay critiquing an article or book. This is really good practice for the M-Step testing coming up in May.

We are reading historical fiction in bookclubs for the next couple of weeks. I am also reading Number the Stars as a read aloud and discussing comprehension strategies. Reading celebration today for surpassing our goal in January. Way to go students!

Science – How do senses and behaviors function to support survival and growth?

Have a great weekend!

February 9, 2018

Happy snow day! Enjoy another day off from school and stay healthy.

Math test is rescheduled for Monday – Please remind your student to take 20-30 minutes to review his/her test review to be prepared for the final test on Monday.

It will make a big difference!

Valentine party – scheduled for Wednesday at 2:15 (after recess). We are passing out valentine’s cards to one another. I have bags for them to decorate for their cards. Please be sure to include a card for everyone. We have 18 students.

Celebrations – We met our January reading goal — actually surpassed our goal! Way to go super students! We had planned to have a party in the afternoon today, but will reschedule that for next week Friday. Contine reading for February at home. Snow days are great for that.

Ideas for the snowy weekend:  12’s math facts, typing practice, Study Island assignments, any link from my blog, and of course your test review ( ;

See you Monday!


Math test review coming home tonight

The test review for Unit 4 is coming home tonight. We have discussed each question and made corrections. Students also had an opportunity to meet with me in small groups. Each question your student has wrong, will be retested on FRIDAY for the final test. Please remind your student to take 20-30 minutes to review his/her test to be prepared for the final test on Friday. It will make a big difference! I see the difference in every unit. Thanks parents!

February 1, 2018


Early release day tomorrow. Winter break and no school Monday and Tuesday.

Math – Students will come home tonight with their “practice test”. They can study these tests for their “test review” tomorrow. The final test will be given on Friday next week.

Writing – We completed our “take a stand” essay today on a government issue. These will be reviewed this weekend.

Reading – We presented our Michigan projects and many looked outstanding! Great job students.

Science – Students created their “blended” animals choosing internal and external structures that make them a super animal. Students will complete their reports next week.

February “Dare to Care” is starting, and your student could be chosen! Click on the link below to find out more.

February Alward Champion poster-wwqyqn

Have a wonderful wintery weekend!


January 26, 2018

Wow! Coming to the end of January already.

Math – We are finishing up our unit 4 next week with Practice Tests coming home for studying. Word problems are always difficult. Students have a bookmark that lists important steps to take to figure out how to solve the equations which may be multi-step. Remind them to use “DEAL” — it does help.

Reading – Next week we will share our google slide presentations on Michigan. The partners have been working hard on this project, and I’m anxious to see them. January reading logs from home are due Wednesday. Please sign them parents.

Writing – Our persuasive essays are completed, and we will work on taking a stand on a U.S. government issue next week for social studies.

Science – Teams creating “blended” animals based on internal and external structures. Great Teamwork!