December 11 – 22, 2017

Today’s blog will address this week and next as we finish up our work before the Holiday break. I will also post pictures from the holiday party next Friday.

Math – Our final homework and quiz was today, but yikes! Many students are struggling. I will do my best to cover the issues in small groups before next week’s test. Here is the testing plan:

  •      Monday – all class practice test that may be taken home & used for studying.
  •      Tuesday – Test Review on their own.
  •      Wednesday – Correcting and learning from the Test Review
  •      Thursday – Final test on our division unit.

Writing – We are working on our rough drafts of our persuasive essays. We will continue persuasive essays with various prompts after break also.

Reading – We are starting our Michigan projects with a partner next week. We practiced finding research for our chosen nonfiction topic this past week.

Spelling – Last test of this year next Friday. Words come home on Monday as usual.

Science – Great hands-on exploration with plants’ external and internal structures. We will dissect a large flower next week.

PARTY – Our fourth grade holiday party is scheduled to begin after recess at 2:15 to 3:15. Students are asked to donate a pair of socks for the needy and bring in a pair of WRAPPED socks for the party game and gift giving.

Have a great weekend!

December 4 – December 8, 2017

Brrrr! And December is here. Other than our fabulous Holiday Program and the students looking the best ever, it has been a week of getting back to our work. Enjoy the pictures below.

Math – continuing our division unit. We know 3 methods to divide, and homework is looking very good. Keep practicing those math facts with 12’s! We will test before break.

Writing – lessons in writing a persuasive essay continue.

Reading – summarizing nonfiction texts and pulling out the main ideas and key details.

Science – exploring the external structures of plants for survival and reproduction.

Holiday Looks: (click on the “thumbnail” for larger picture)

Next week:  SECRET SANTA SHOPPING & BUYING on Tuesday! Students need their $

Note: There are a very few parents who have not been subscribing to the blog, so I have added your emails. I hope that is fine. If not, feel free to delete. I want to give you the opportunity of our weekly news and pictures.

November 27 – December 1, 2017

December? Wow! Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break. I know I felt a need for a break, and it felt good to take those quiet moments and reflect on all I am thankful for in my life. I hope you had the same opportunity.

Reading buddies – We made turkeys with thankful sayings on their feathers with our buddies on Friday the 21st. Were you able to see your student’s thankful expressions? We are continuing with our nonfiction reading matters unit. In January, students will use this information to begin a research project to practice all they have learned. November reading logs are due from home reading! First-grade buddies:

Writing – Celebration of our realistic fiction stories happened on Friday. We have a lot of creativity in our classroom, and we are improving on “elaborating” our stories with details. What many students need to work on is being consistent with our conventions, i.e. periods, capitals, spelling, and the letter “i” being capitalized! Hard to believe this is still an issue in fourth grade.

Math – We are beginning division. Continue to practice those math facts. Division flash cards should have come home last week or this week. A parent letter came home this week explaining the many methods we use in the classroom, so you can stretch your own brain and perhaps help your student when necessary.

Science – We have begun our first new “phenomenal science” unit. This is new curriculum that Hudsonville is experimenting with this year that includes a lot of hands-on learning, questioning, and small group collaboration. There will be no grade, but hopefully a lot of great learning!

This seems like a good time to thank you parents for entrusting me with your children every day. I very much enjoy all their personalities and hope I am making a positive impact on their lives in some way. Have a great weekend.

November 10 – 17, 2017

Our class is practicing our Core Democratic Value of Patriotism this month by taking turns leading the school in the pledge.

Math – Word problems scavenger hunt on Monday, one test review, lots of learning, one test practice with partners, and we took the final test.  At first glance, I think the students did great. They will come home next week. Our math fact pizzas are looking delicious!

Writing – We are finalizing our realistic fiction stories.

Reading – How do we read nonfiction texts? Very important skills before fifth grade to learn.

Social Studies – will conclude next week with a test review on Monday and a test on Tuesday for Core Democratic Values. Here is a quiz the students may practice:

Popcorn Friday today. Yea! Enjoy your weekend. Next week is only two days!

November 6 – 10, 2017

Thank you, parents, for your time at conferences. The majority of students do well because of the support they get at home, and I thank you for working with me to make your student the best he/she can be this year.

We had a great week at the book fair. Thank you volunteers for a fun western theme and for super book buys. I will have one scholastic book fair order flyer coming home soon for the holidays, and that will be it for book orders until next year. Need any Christmas gifts?

Next Week:

Math test review and math test – Any problems that students get wrong on the test review can be taken home and studied and practiced in order to do better on the test. The test problems will be directly related to the test review problems, so studying the test review is very helpful.

Writing – Continuing our realistic fiction stories with peer review, revising, and editing.

Reading – Learning our text features for nonfiction reading.

Core Democratic Values – Three more to go, and a quiz on Thursday.

Spelling – Pretest every Monday when words should come home, and our test is every Friday.

Practicing our nonfiction reading strategies using text features to guide our reading in partner work.

Two volunteers needed!  I have a box of books I was fortunate enough to purchase, and I need them leveled to go into my classroom library. If you are able to help (anytime of day); please email me. I will walk you through the process, and we can get this done to give our students more to read.

Thank you! Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Book Fair Reminder

Wild West Book Fair this week! Our classroom’s shopping day is tomorrow where the students will make a “wish list” of their book buys. Take a look at what he/she brings home (Christmas ideas?). Our buying day this week is Thursday at 3:00, so this is when students need their money for spending. Thanks for supporting your student’s reading!

October 30 – November 3, 2017

Hello November! The days are flying by, and we are preparing for Fall conferences. Report cards will come home Monday in backpacks. I am looking forward to talking with all of you at conferences.

This week:

Math – continuing with multiplication.We will start our math facts drills on Monday. Some students really need to practice at home! Xtra Math flyers are coming home today to log in at home and practice. Students also have flashcards

Writing – We have completed our story planning and strong leads, and we will be finalizing our realistic fiction stories next week Friday.

Reading – We have enjoyed our read aloud of Tiger Rising. Ask your student what he/she learned about the characters in this book. We had great discussions. Book clubs should also finish up this week. Some students will need to finish reading at home this weekend.

Government– We are studying the Core Democratic Values and applying them to our fourth grade life.

Thank you volunteers for a fabulous Fall Party.  The students loved the treats, games, and crafts! Very fun afternoon! Next week Tuesday – Wild West Dress and Book Fair.

October 23 – 27, 2017

Hi all! Busy week this week for me. Unfortunately, I needed a very capable sub a few times this week due to a sudden hospitalization of my dad. He is recovering. I am very proud of my students when I hear how respectful they are to a substitute teacher. They are great kids!

Math – multiplication and story problems that are quite challenging. Small group work continues for those that need the extra help. Remember to keep practicing those math facts at home! Many took home flashcards for this extra practice. Math fluency practice at home through Xtra Math, and Study Island assignments are available through my “Clever” link to the left.

Writing – Realistic fiction story writing

Reading – Character analysis and book clubs

Government – The test was Wednesday. I’ll be grading and returning them next week. Starting our study of Core Democratic Values next week.

Next week:

-Fall Parade begins at 2:00. We will have a short recess after the parade and start our party after.

-Early Release Friday for report cards

Book Fair the week of conferences November 6 – 10! Take advantage of the great deals. You should have received your conference time slip on Wednesday. I look forward to talking with you then about your super student.

Have a great weekend!

October 16 – 20, 2017

Another beautiful week in Michigan and a great week in our classroom. This is what we are doing:

Math – learning many methods to multiply, and two digit by two digit multiplication coming up.  Oh my!

Writing – what did we learn comparing our writing from the beginning of the year to our final personal narrative just completed? We also wrote goodbye cards to our classmate, Elliot, who is leaving us. Goodbye Elliot. We will miss you, and we wish you lots of happiness in your new school in Ohio.

Spelling – We have moved to 3 spelling lists in the classroom based on the results of spelling tests. Many are on the challenge list — great job! A few need to remember to study all week too!

Reading – book clubs continue. We are focusing on our characters, their special objects, actions, feelings, expressions, language, and how other’s treat them. What does all this reveal?

Government – test review next week based on all our notes, and what we have learned. Test is Wednesday. Remember to study notes, quizzes, and test review.

Fun Friday today with our buddies. We made a Life Cycle of a  Pumpkin book, and briefly played outside together.